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Crêpe Cake


Celebrate in style! Order our Swan speciality crêpe cake for your special day to take a little piece of heaven to your home. Known as “Mille” crêpe cake after the “thousands” of delicious layers of freshly made crêpes stacked with whipped cream in between and sweet treats like nutella and strawberries. So unbelievably decadent!

Order for collection

Please order with at least 2 days in advance for collection at Swan Café during trading hours on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

If you would like to order in advance please leave a note at checkout with the date of desired collection. Merci!


Available sizes

Medium (28cm), which serves approximately 10-12 people.

Large (40cm), which serves 20-24 people.



Choose from simply sweet strawberry and cream, strawberry Nutella cream, salted caramel, decadent lemon curd or (NEW!) Tiramisu vibe (coffee and cream).


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